Loft conversions can vary greatly based on the house, and in most cases a loft conversion is completely feasible.

We can give you advice on all of the options available to you in consideration of the project requirements and discuss all of the options.

We don't like pushy salesmen and will never attempt to talk you into something that you don’t want. We ensure you and your home are treated with the utmost care and respect, and always make the time to pay attention to any questions you might have.

During the course of our preliminary free consultation we'll take measurements and at our following appointment we provide a quote for the work needed, meticulously outlining each step of the process so that there won't be any surprises. Our pricing is completely transparent and we don’t believe in hidden extras. From structural plans and design, local planning permission applications (if needed) and building regulations, we can take care of the whole process. As soon as we have building control approval, building works begins on your new loft conversion on a date that suits you.

We'll handle every aspect of building works right up to the time that your loft conversion is all set for decoration. Our project manager is going to be readily available to respond to any questions and handle any problems and will keep you informed during the entire process from beginning to end.

Most importantly of all, we work with the utmost consideration for your comfort at all times.



  1. After your initial contact we arrange a visit your property.
  2. When at your premises we get an idea of your requirements and then advise you about the best solutions, discuss alternatives and suggest positions for a new staircase (if applicable). We also give you a rough estimate of costs.
  3. Following our visit we prepare a full written and fixed quotation based upon the conclusions of the initial visit. At this stage we also determine whether you need planning permission or whether works can commence with a submission to the local authority.
  4. If our quotation is accepted a date is arranged for commencement of works, and we arrange for our architect to visit your premises in order to prepare full plans and drawings for your approval.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the drawings they are sent to the local authority for official approval (planning permission is an eight week process).
  6. After planning approval has been granted scaffolding will busually be erected three days before the work is due to commence.
  7. At the beginning of the first week of building work the bulk of materials needed to convert your loft are delivered and loaded onto the scaffold. At this stage the first building inspector will visit and grant clearance for the work to commence by discussing the materials to be used, the procedures to be adopted, and any potential problems which may occur.
  8. The first step in construction is generally to cut a hole into the roof - this is how we will gain access until the new stairwell is built, thus limiting disturbance to you and your household as far as possible.
  9. Steel beams are then installed to support the weight of the roof and the new floor structure, and any additional loads such as Dormer windows.
  10. Timber joists are then fitted to construct the new floor, which enables our plumbers and electricians to carry out their "first fix" works by concealing any pipes and wires beneath the floor.
  11. At this stage the building inspector should visit and, hopefully, sign off the installation of the steel and timber beams.
  12. Once approval is received, alterations are made to the roof itself, including installation of Velux and or Dormer windows and gables .
  13. Any new internal walls are then built to achieve the sizes or division of new rooms, whilst our qualified roof tilers complete external weather protection.
  14. The electricians and plumbers will visit if necessary to fit wires and pipes for radiators, switches and sockets.
  15. The insulation is cut and fitted to approved standards, and the building inspector will return to check the sizes and positions of the insulation and other ongoing works.
  16. At this stage, plaster-boarding will be fitted to all new rooms. The new stairwell access will be cut out, and we carry out any alterations necessary to the new flooring.
  17. The new staircase is then fitted, about the middle of week four.
  18. All the new rooms and stairwell are plastered by professional plasterers.
  19. After allowing sufficient drying time, final fittings are carried out. The plumber will attach radiators, sanitary ware etc. The electrician will fit switches, light fittings and smoke detectors; the carpenter will fit doors, latches, architraves. skirting, handrails and spindles.
  20. At around week six, the local authority building control officer will make his final inspection and report and, on receipt of our electricians certificate, your loft will be signed off.
  21. Your loft is then ready to decorate and enjoy!

The Xtenditall team were reliable, courteous and extremely patient throughout the build and explained every last detail. We were able to add all the design features we wanted and felt that we were working together every step of the way. - Mr & Mrs J Beasley

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